The Amazing Benefits of Foot Massage

Most people find a foot massage relaxing but are unaware of the multiple additional benefits that the might be enjoying:

1. Improved Circulation.

Do your feet turn purple or blue when it is cold or become red and swollen in the heat? This could be due to poor circulation. The heart pumps blood throughout the body through the circulatory system. It takes the longest amount of time for blood to reach the extremities, especially the feet.

A 15 to 20-minute foot massage before you lay your head to rest increases blood circulation to the feet and throughout the body.

2. Pain Relief.

Most of us turn to foot massage to ease the pain that is caused by running, walking or standing for long periods of time. A foot massage does wonders for relieving this type of pain but has the added advantage of providing pain relief in other parts of the body. A recent study showed that people who receive regular foot massage are less likely to experience headaches and migraines.

3. Minimize The Stress

Stress, anxiety, and pressure are all causes of high blood pressure. A relaxing foot massage lowers these factors and lowers the blood pressure. People who suffer from high blood pressure can benefit from just a 10-minute foot massage at least 3 times a week.

4. PMS And Menopause

The severity of symptoms experienced by women going through menopause or their monthly menstrual cycle can vary. Foot massage has been food to alleviate most of these symptoms including:

– Mood Swings
– Depression
– Anxiety and Stress
– Tiredness
– Insomnia
– Hot Flashes
– Pain

Regular foot massage, as well as foot massage when the symptoms appear, can be very beneficial and relaxing.

5. Pregnancy And Foot Massage

The blood volume in the body increases during pregnancy resulting in swollen feet that are painful. Foot massage will alleviate the swelling and as a result, prevent more severe conditions such as Edema. Daily massage is recommended.

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How To Get That All Important Foot Massage

While you can massage your own feet, it is often better to get someone else to do it for you to get the most enjoyment and benefit from the process. Partners, friends and family members can provide a good foot rub. Alternatively, you can get a professional massage. You can also invest in a foot bath or electrical massager to get the relief you want when you need it most. But your best bet would be to purchase Japanese massage sandals from Kenkoh. Kenkoh massage sandals have hundreds of rubber finders that massage your feet as you walk. View the styles at Kenkoh Relief.

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The Benefits of Reflexology

It has been well known for many years that reflexology can improve circulation, improve the overall functionality of our body and our general well being. You can see improvement in your everyday routine if you use Kenkoh sandals that are designed to provide reflexology foot massage.

Reflexology is able to maximize the performance of our organs and stimulate the delivery if oxygen, by incorporating zone stimulation on the soles of the feet. This can bring about positive changes in mood and activity as well as more effective use of our organs.

Kenkoh Reflexology Foot Massage SandalsHistorical and archaeological evidence indicate that the ancient Japanese, Chinese and Egyptians all practiced reflexology and the techniques goes back thousands of years. However, the techniques and practice of zone touch massage began to fade away and be less widely used, as medicinal and surgical options were introduced and became more popular.

There is no doubt that reflexology is beneficial, as studies from over 20 countries indicate, and there are several benefits to wearing foot massage sandals. Some of the ways that the treatment benefits include alleviating depression, helping with a quicker recovery from injuries, alleviating pain and helping with overall relaxation. We all look for a harmonious balance in our busy and often stressful lives, and foot massage sandals can help to achieve that goal, as well as improving overall body performance.

Although everyone can benefit from foot massage sandals, pregnant women in particular find that they often benefit greatly. The recreated environment of reflexology stimulation helps to alleviate nausea and reduce swelling and after the baby has been born, it can help to minimize the negative symptoms. Foot massage sandals can be a big source of relief to anyone who is suffering from post-partum anxiety, stress and depression.

The sandals are also beneficial to those who are unable to walk properly. Someone wearing them simply needs to apply a slight pressure on their feet by placing them against a pillow or foot rest, if they are lying on a bed or reclining in a chair. Both circulation and stimulation can be helped.

Our bodies perform as they should if everything is functioning properly, and that includes pressure points, and sensors. The body’s performance can be adversely affected if there are toxins or blockages present and the complex system of nerves, arteries, veins and organs that make up our body is all interconnected and dependent.

There is no need to disrupt your routine or take extra time, to enjoy the benefits of foot massage sandals and this revolutionary and powerful tool can attend each of the 10 longitudinal zones. This can help to increase the body’s nutrient count, ensure healthy nerve signals and stimulate the flow of blood and energy.

Foot massage sandals are also a lot easier and more economical than going for regular sessions at your nearest reflexology facility, yet they provide the same great results. You really can change your life and improve your overall health with just a small investment in a pair of foot massage sandals.

The Benefits of Kenkoh Massage Sandals

Wearing proper foot wear is a must for everyone. After all, it is the feet that receive the most impact from one’s day-to-day activities. When looking for the perfect foot wear one must give utmost importance to the comfort that it can provide. You have probably tried all kinds of foot wear in search for that perfect pair that will give you the right cushioning and comfort but you only end up feeling disappointed. You do not have to feel that way anymore because the latest trend in sandals is finally here. Kenkoh Reflexology Massage Sandals have recently hit the market and have been flying off the shelves since their arrival.

Why you should get a pair of Kenkoh Sandals

The technology behind Kenkoh Sandals is based on the science of reflexology. This is dubbed as a health shoe because it is brilliantly designed to have 1,000 natural rubber nodules in different heights and widths. As the wearer steps on them they automatically massage and stimulate various reflex points on the sole. In reflexology, each reflex point corresponds to different glands, organs and muscles in the body thereby promoting over-all health and wellness. No other shoe has combined both the principles of reflexology into something that a person can wear everyday. This is why Kenkoh Sandals have blown away thousands of users all over the world.

The benefits of wearing Kenkoh Sandals

Kenkoh massage sandal in pinkThe best thing about wearing these sandals is the superior comfort that it provides the wearer. It is designed with elastomer technology which is made to give your feet support and long-lasting cushioning. Even if you wear them for long periods of time you can just bounce off your feet without feeling any discomfort at all.

The built in rubber nodules is what makes these sandals truly unique. As you walk your soles are massaged and you feel a sense of relief as they soothe and calm your entire body. The nodules are placed to fill the every contour of the shoe and pressure is intentionally placed on the arch of the foot. While this may take some getting used to, the more you use it, the more comfortable you will feel.

Most users of the Kenkoh Health Shoe claim that wearing them has helped improve their posture as well as reduce pain in their back. They also helped them feel more energized and gave them the comfort and cushioning that they need when they have to be on their feet for long periods of time.