One day, back in the late Sixties, while visiting home, my mother in sheer frustration at seeing my raggedy appearance, long hair and scraggly beard, called me a misfit. She immediately tried to take it back thinking it was the ultimate of insults.  I,  on the other hand thought it was the perfect adjective to describe me and the highest of compliments.

When it came to blending in with the crowd in not only appearance, but in thinking, feeling, and expression I was clearly a misfit.

More than forty years have passed since that day when my mother’s slip of the tongue defined me, and though less comfortable standing out in a crowd, with affect and personality somewhat tempered, I still proudly regard myself as a misfit.

So what does that have to do with this Site, or my company. Sadly, the legal name of my company  is not Misfits Media Group. I kind of wish it were, but pragmatism has overtaken my need for free expression and I have learned  to keep my light hidden.

I purchased this domain name as a tribute to the person I once was and who I remain inside. I have no idea what I will put on this Site, but I am certain that whatever it is, the me of forty years ago would have hated it.

P.S. I decided to go with healthy footwear, namely Birkenstocks and Kenkoh reflexology sandals. Yes, the youth who wore high boots even in the summer heat would not have approved.