Wearing Improper Footwear can Affect your Health

Do you know that what you wear on your feet has direct bearing on your back? Ever since the humans have started walking upright, whatever they have put on their feet has affected the way their backs are alighted. Heels, flats, or cushioning (or lack of it) affect your body posture and hence, your back. Your heel first hits the surface, and then the rest of the foot follows. Misalignment and poor distribution of pressure can adversely affect your entire body.

Birkenstock Gizeh sandalImproper shoes can cause discomfort resulting in ongoing problems in various parts of the foot such as the heel, the arch and the ball. It is easy to avoid various painful food conditions by wearing comfortable and well fitting Birkenstock footwear. However, not everyone appreciates the significance of Birkenstock footwear and how well fitting they are. Today people have gotten so used to their foot pain, that they think it is normal. In reality, right pair of Birkenstock shoes allows you to stand and walk in a comfortable way for long period, unless you are suffering from any painful condition.

Adverse Effects of High Heels High heels are one of the worst culprits, because they pull the entire weight of the body in the forward direction and actually corrupt arch of your back and body posture. Due to this, pain creeps in various parts of the body, especially lower and mid back. Today high heels are one of the leading cases of Spondylolisthesis (slipping forward of your lower lumbar region). Our toes have been designed in a way that they support us when we walk upright. When we wear high heels, our toes squish together and become narrow, resulting in excessive pressure and weight on spine. You can save yourself comfort and health problems by choosing a supportive pair of Birkenstock footwear. You’ll immediately notice the difference. If you are still not convinced about the role of Birkenstock footwear in our health, then you will have to take a short look at wide range of foot products in a pharmacy, which is meant for all those who are suffering from variety of foot and back pain. Everything from cushioned insoles to metatarsal pads to get heel cups have been specifically made for relieving various types of painful foot condition. A comfortable pair of Birkenstock shoes is all that you need for best possible health of your feet and body.

You have so many options to choose from and they are available in latest designs at attractive rates with many online sellers. What to look for in good shoes ? A good pair Birkenstock shoes should keep your feet in its natural position providing little bit of wriggle room even for your toes. There should be excellent arch support, especially for all those who have flat feet. You should use common sense when buying your shoes. Though fancy pair of shoes are okay if you wear them occasionally. But, you should avoid wearing them everyday. Make sure that you have Birkenstock shoes as they not only support your foot in proper position, but can also breathe. You can also use an insole for support if you need to.